Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Operation Fortitude was a mirage - but it still matters

The whole Operation Fortitude debacle happened so quickly that it was over before we really knew anything solid. The Australian Border Force released a statement saying they would be stopping "anyone they crossed paths with." The internet went into conniptions, and organised a protest at Flinders Street Station, where there would be an Operation Fortitude press conference. Border Force issued another press release, saying they wouldn't be stopping people on the streets, but the protest went ahead anyway. Due to the massive public outcry, the press conference and then the operation itself were both cancelled. It all happened in the space of a few hours, and was immediately hailed as a big victory for the power of the people, to organise on social media and to halt the ABF in its tracks - each event, one after the other in rapid succession, helped craft a sort of linear, domino-like narrative.