Benevolent adjective \bə-ˈnev-lənt, -ˈne-və-\
- Organized for the purpose of doing good

Menticide noun \ˈment-ə-ˌsīd\
- Systematic & intentional undermining of a person's mind

Our brains were crafted by the compromises of evolution, and so have a number of biases. We were raised by adults whose interests did not always align with our own, and who had the disadvantage of being born a generation before us in a world that moves quicker than ever. We are led by politicians who will get away with as much as they can, armed with the tools of an advertising industry that knows all the psychological tricks the public doesn't.

Benevolent Menticide is a blog about clear thinking. In my experience, learning in your early 20s is less about acquiring new information and more about weeding out the false beliefs you accumulated as a kid. This blog is about spotting the beliefs and thought-patterns that don't work properly, whatever the source, and replacing them with clearer logic.

It also serves as a testing ground for the ideas I'll be putting into the book I'm currently writing.

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